Audit of the financial statements

Today one of the main factors of the attraction to invest to an organization is a reliable and transparent financial statements. The audit is an independent audit of financial statements of the organization for the purpose of expressing an opinion about its reliability. An audit conducted in accordance with the requirements of the law (mandatory audit) or on its own initiative of the competent organ of the organization's management (proactive audit).

An audit of certain aspects of the financial activities of the organization

An audit of certain aspects of the financial activities of the organization is required to confirm the validity and integrity of certain operations. This may be a separate audit of the financial statements or of specific element, account or item of the financial statement.

An audit of certain aspects of the financial activities is a special audit task.

The purpose of this assignment is to express an opinion and presentation of the audit report on the individual financial statement or the specific element, account or item of the financial statement.

Tax audit

Tax audit is a kind of initiative audit of certain aspects of the financial activities of the organization. The subject of the audit is tax liabilities for a specific tax or all tax liabilities of the organization. Also, the subject of the audit can be the organization’s liability for contributions to the Social Fund.

Our services in the field of tax audit can help the organization to ensure correct calculation and timely recognition of tax liabilities.

Agreed-upon procedures

To ensure in the reliability of some figures of financial information, the organization can offer a potential client or an interested third party to invite an independent audit company, which will study the matters which the organization and the potential client can be interested in by using the agreed-upon procedures. Two parties will be the users of the report: the organization and the potential client (third party), who is interested in this report.

Compilation of the financial statements

Compilation assumes the transfer of certain functions performed by a financial department of an organization to the audit company. This service becomes regular in the business practice not only owing to optimal balance of price and quality, but also due to a number of additional advantages acquired by the organization (time savings, savings on cost of training, improve transparency and quality of financial reporting, obtaining comprehensive consultations from a professional team of employees of the audit company on legal and accounting issues, etc.)

Providing assistance in the transfer of the accounting system to the IFRS

If you are unable to prepare statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards on your own, our experts will help you to do that.

The preparation of financial statements according to the international standards assumes the transfer of the financial statements prepared in accordance with another presentation basis to the statements that comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards. As part of the preparation of financial statements, our experts:

Development of the accounting policy

The accounting policy is a fundamental document regulating the accounting process in the organization. Accounting policy is not only the rules and procedures, which being applied to ensure proper handling of financial information by the staff of the organization, but also a right implementation tool. As the right implementation tool the accounting policy is required to make a right choice from a number of accounting types established by the legislation.

Accounting and tax consulting

Professional consultancy in the field of accounting, reporting and taxation is in demand of many organizations.

Current legislation on accounting and taxation is quite wide, constantly changing, contains a lot of contradictions, meanwhile the legislation does not often contain direct answers to controversial and complex issues, which creates difficulties even for highly qualified specialists.